Behind every successful business there is a great supply chain & logisitcs

Customer’s first choice

Trust is essential in business and we always aim to deliver on our promise to our customers. Regardless of whether it is a simple shipment or a complex transport of critical goods, we are a reliable and trusted partner in logistics. We specialise in tailor-made solutions.

As a human company, our clients know exactly with who they are dealing with and profit from a unique point of contact among our employees to get updates about their shipments.

Keeping the World’s Supply Chains Running During a Global Pandemic

Pontus Freight India Pvt Ltd was one of those company that survived the pandemic waves and kept working double shift to maintain our promises to customers. Thanks to our clients and teams’ trust we could still be able to open new offices in Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai, which was a real “work from home” challenge.

The Coronavirus pandemic has hit global supply chains with full force. Due to changing consumer behaviour, stranded shipping containers are piling up in seaports with goods that can no longer be sold due to changing consumer behaviour. In addition, growing consumer demand for certain goods, for example in the food or health sector, has led to an increase in production.

In the current situation, logistics is crucial to our daily lives. Supermarket shelves remain empty if goods are not replenished and supply chains must be kept running for the provision of essential goods.


We proudly adhere to the ethical business standards.We are committed to complying with international and national laws and delivering the highest level of ethical and legal standards in all that we do. It’s what makes us a reliable and ethical business partner to our worldwide stakeholders and clients. Our Code of Conduct, which informs our day-to-day operations, and our Code for Conduct for Business Partners, which informs our suppliers and business partners, are examples of our commitment to legal compliance.


Pontus Freight India Pvt Ltd’s transportation services are customised to deliver reliable and on-time solutions - every time and everywhere. We provide round the clock customer care 24h / 7d /365 d and guarantees to meet our customers’ business requirements.

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