International Sourcing

The right supplier gives you an edge – we find it for you

The right supplier gives you an edge – we find it for you.

We’re committed to providing innovative sourcing solutions that challenge the status quo. We’re proud to support industry and trade in the global exchange of goods.

Without international B2B procurement strategy, companies would lack performance and competitiveness: it is an invaluable process that ensures reliable sourcing, quality purchase, secure packaging and on-time delivery.

The key of successful procurement lies in a strong understanding of clients’ needs, an in-depth supplier due diligence, a precise supplier selection, a regular product quality control, a constant price negotiation, a secured international transaction and punctual delivery.

The main challenge for international buyers, apart from the communication and culture gap, is to purchase remotely in a country which is not theirs without tangible means of verification of the supplier or the product before export. It is even more true in today’s pandemic situation.

Pontus Freight India Pvt Ltd stands out as a sourcing agent with its own freight forwarding services, and plays a big role in representing on-ground their client’s interests ensuring a successful product procurement and international deliveries by air or sea.

We are human size company: our clients know whom they are they dealing with in complete transparency. We manage a network of +1500 reliable factories, +100 local shipping agents, and we lead international business negotiations in the different countries where we operate.

We take care of everything from A to Z to facilitate international procurement:

Product definition
With the help of our experiences sourcing specialists and manufacturing consultants, we will provide a comprehensive proposal to our client’s project after a careful evaluation

Supplier due diligence
We represent our foreign client’s interest on ground and we ensure the supplier’s genuinely by performing multiple verifications: on-ground visit by our team experts, verification of its compliance towards its company registration/ certifications. We also take into account very seriously the production capacity, the supplier’s experience, its working ethics as well as its behavior and responsiveness.

Trust is everything and you need to be confident that the product you’re importing suits your actual requirement. We send you door to door delivery product sample for your own verification before any purchase, along with all necessary documentation regarding the product.

Order Negotiation
These skills will come in handy when you are working with us dealing with Indian suppliers. We are always able to get few pieces (smaller MOQ) and better units price on our client’s behalf to fit their budget requirement of the project.

Product Sourcing
We had build a large network of factories and farms with a wide range of different industries for your convenience. The right supplier gives you an edge, we find it for you. Our team manage the purchase in the local language for you. We are entirely focused towards achieving our clients’ objectives and continuously improving their procurement performance.

Quality Control and Inspection
We prioritize product quality over everything else. as should you. Pontus Freight India Pvt Ltd will be your eyes on the ground. We monitor every order to ensure that there is no discrepancy in the quality of the samples and the actual orders.

We ensure export quality packaging and palletisation,  in compliance with international standards. We assist our client who wish do to private labelling as well.

Shipping Arrangement
As the final part of our all- inclusive procurement services, we will arrange the container loading, freight forwarding and customs clearance at an affordable and competitive price thanks to our own internal freight forwarding department. This is to bridge the last-mile gap and have all your products securely delivered to your door in time

How does it work?

We work on demand so feel free to contact us with your product/ project requirements: we will assess the sourcing feasibility by reaching out to our suppliers panel and provide the best quality/ price offer along with the necessary documents.

What do we source?

We work on demand based on our customers’ requirements in different industries

Beauty raw material and ready-made products

Textile & Apparel

Food & Beverages


Construction material

Industrial product

Perishable Fruits & Vegetables


Eco-Friendly products

Wood – products

Why Us!

We continue to pursue that same vision in today’s complex, uncertain world, working every day to earn our customers’ trust! During that time, we’ve become expert in freight transportation by air and all its related services. We work closely with all major airlines around the world.

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Customer oriented services
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